AO Smith

AO Smith Water Purifiers – A Quick Overview, Features and Services

AO Smith is the leading water purifier manufacturer known for quality features and great after sale services in America and many other countries.

Now, AO Smith is selling their products in India also and you can expect quite a reasonable pricing with plenty of advanced features to help you out.

The design is always premium among AO Smith and they use smart water purification technology to kill bacteria, germs and another kind of contaminants.

There is five-stage water purification offered among most of their products which can help you attain the same quality water and all the contaminants will be gone.

Most of the units from AO Smith comes with plenty of features that's why you can trust them blindly. Here, we will talk about the reasons to prefer this brand.

Top 3 Reasons to Prefer AO Smith

Despite the huge reputation and brand awareness, we have all the primary reasons to convince about the purchase. These are as follow –

  • With the help of twin advance alert technology, you can get the exact status of cartridge and RO life.
  • Used five-stage purification by RO membrane + activated silver and sediment + pre-carbon to clean water efficiently.
  • The SSM technology is playing the major role to clean water and killing 99.99% of harmful bacteria in the water.

In addition to all these features, you can find MTDS to enhance the taste of water as per the source of water. These are not common things among all the mid-range water purifiers but you can expect them with this one.

Exclusive Features of AO Smith Water Purifier

AO Smith comes with a range of features but the exclusive features which are making it the best product are as follow –

  • Easy to use features. Capacitive touch button to get the water instantly.
  • Quick water flow rate provides liters of water in one minute.
  • RO and SCMT help to get clean water because it doubles the purification.
  • Five stages purification technology clean water and store in a tank.
  • Get the hot water technology which used seven stages of purification.
  • Comes with an intelligent display to show necessary details.
  • Built quality is premium and totally seems durable for the long run.

With all these features, you can find Unique Patented Side Stream RO that will provide safe water whenever you use the purifier. These factors can help you understand the quality but what about customer support?

Customer Support of AO Smith

AO Smith is trying to gain brand awareness that’s why they offer premium customer care services as well as quick response time.

Their representative will give you regular visits to ensure whether the purifier is working fine or not. In case of any issue, they will repair it for free.

There are a one-year warranty and free services from the manufacturer. You can extend these by getting the new plan which will work perfectly.

Most of the consumers are highly pleased with the customer support and you can find lots of positive reviews about their services.

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