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LG Water Purifier – Overview, Qualities, Features and Services

LG manufacturer a variety of products and sell them all around the world. It is a South-Korean electronics manufacturer with a huge reputation.

They are also selling Water purifiers from a long but you may haven’t heard about them before because they are not much common.

LG is known for premium built quality, great design, necessary features and the important thing is, effective water cleaning technology.

The only bad thing is less availability of their replacements but if you go for genuine replacements then you don’t have to worry about a single thing.

Till this date, you can get amazing water purifiers from them. To prove it right, we have a bunch of things to show you.

Quality of LG’s Water Purifiers

With the great built quality, you get longer durability of the product. As it is one-time expense so you should not mind spending little extra for all the great quality factors

In addition to all the purchase factors, you can expect five stage water purification which prefers high-quality RO purification technology.

Mineral booster makes the water better in taste, reduce odor from water and help you get clean drink water every single time.

The storage tank is of 8-liters which can help in various manners for sure. You can store water in advance and use it to get water at better flow.

If you are still not satisfied with all the factors, then there are a number of features to check out. these features will help you understand the reason behind preferring LG.

Key Features of LG water purifier

The water purifiers which are easily available all around can help you get rid of all the issues. There are a number of products to look after but we are mentioning some common features that you can expect from LG –

  • One year warranty on the water purifier which will cover all the problems related to the product.
  • An intense number of features to provide huge convenience in term of usability of the product.
  • Touch capacitive buttons to get water instantly. It can easily speed up the water flow as per need.
  • With the 8-liters capacity, you will have clean drinking water ready to sip.
  • The use of RO membrane kills all the bacteria, trap debris and stop other contaminants.
  • The tank is made up of stainless steel to keep the water in a safe tank instead of any plastic one.

These features are really common to expect from LG but you can find an impressive design with a shiny black color.

Customer Support

LG is not a small company and they have a huge reputation in the market. To maintain the same, they offer extremely fast customer support.

A professional visit to check the product regularly and it is absolutely free of cost. You will get the quality services for what you spent.

In addition to all these factors, the quick response time with genuine replacement help getting the best durability out of the water purifier.

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