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A Basic Guide About Livpure Water Purifiers, Features, and Customer Support

Livpure has a huge reputation in the market after signing popular cricket icons for their commercials in the past couple of years.

Whether you want an affordable water purifier or a premium one, you can get whatever you want. Well, the credit goes to a huge variety from the manufacturer.

Most of their products offer great design, features and customer support that’s why you will not face a single issue in future and it can make you prefer this brand over other ones.

If you have ever used a Livpure water purifier then you may know that this brand is in the market for a serious reason.

The design may seem like other ones but in term of working, it is highly effective and competes with lower price points that's why you can rely on it.

Reasons to Buy Livpure Water Purifiers

Livpure is a multinational brand and their water purifiers are good in term of design, quality, working and features. You can expect great services from them.

In term of usability, the products are extremely simple and they work perfectly. For the premium line, you get a vast number of features with the easy to use functionality.

A first-time buyer may call Livpure as the perfect choice because this brand has a great value in the market and the purifiers work perfectly also.

Kills bacteria, germs and small particles with the UV technology. It can trap debris, dust particles and all other metal contaminants.

The warranty period for most of the products of Livpure is one year and you can extend them by spending a couple of bucks. This thing will help you in various manners.

In the features section, you get almost every necessary feature such as MTDS controller to enhance the taste of water.

Key Features of Livpure Water Purifier

Livpure is giving an intense number of features among most of their products. If you want quality over a number of features then this is a great brand to opt for. The major features are –

  • Five stage water purification using RO, UF and UV technology.
  • The cartridge life is good enough to last for 5000 litres of water purification.
  • Smart LED indicator when the cartridge reaches 90% of its life.
  • The storage tank of 6 litres to provide a higher flow rate.
  • Easy to use touch capacitive button which work perfectly.
  • Warranty of one year and you can extend it by paying extra.
  • Gravity-based water purifiers are also available in the market.
  • MTDS to enhance the taste of water according to its source.

These features also include a small display to show basic details. All these features come at a cheaper price point that's why you can prefer this brand.

Customer Support of Livpure

Needless to mention, Livpure water purifiers offer great customer support by quick response time, faster replacements and lower maintenance charges.

The replacements are easily available and the customer support will provide quick visits and their representative give regular checkup for the first year and it is free.

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