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Moonbow Water Purifier With their Overview, Qualities, Features and Customer Support

Even though Hindware is known for sanitary products, they have a huge reputation in the electronics sector in India.

Moonbow is the product line from Hindware which is all about water purifier that offers value for money with quality features.

They started the water purification business a couple of years back and now, they are creating a good competition for the top-selling brands in India.

The use of six-stage water purification technology is making their product best in this class and you can rely on them without a single issue.

A great design with quality features can make you prefer this brand. To help you learn more, we have some quality factors to tell you .

Key Traits of Moonbow in Water Purification Sector

Indians definitely know about Hindware because it is the top-selling manufacturer of sanitary products but if you consider Moonbow, you can’t find much about them.

With the increase in quality of design and necessary features, Moonbow gains a little popularity but after some time, people find this brand better than the others.

The use of six-stage water purification provides perfectly clean water with the enhanced taste which is really a good thing.

If you look at their prices for a product, you can’t call them cheap but Moonbow’s water purifiers are average in price point.

The design is not that simple and the built quality seems premium which can let you understand why these products are expensive as compared to the other ones.

By looking at features of top products, you can understand whether this brand is a good choice for the first time buyers or not.

Moonbow’s Water Purifiers’ Features

You can expect all the basic features from Moonbow with a six-stage water purification technology. The technology is highly advanced and good to go for.

  • The six-stage water purification uses RO membrane with UV technology to kill bacteria and germs.
  • Eradicate major types of contaminants at the RO stage and the rest is done by UV purification that's why you can rely on it.
  • Ultrafine Sediment Filters will trap dust, debris and other kinds of particles from the water so the water looks clean also.
  • To enhance the taste, there is MTDS used which will provide clean water with better taste as well as odor.
  • There is 7 liters storage tank provide water at the higher flow rate and you get drinking water in a couple of minutes.
  • Power efficient because it uses a small amount of electricity to clean water and there is electricity stabilization technology to avoid electrical damages.

In addition to all these features, you can find a simple design made up of ABS plastic. This is good to go product for sure.

Customer Support And Reviews

Customer support from Moonbow water purifier is still doubtful because this brand is not all around India that’s why you should check the customer support in your town.

Many people have negative reviews about service time that’s why having a close look at their services in your town is important.

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