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Nasaka Water Purifiers – Overview, Quality, Features, Customer Support and Contact Details

Nasaka is a water purifier manufacturer based in India. Their products are known for simplicity in design and cheaper price point as compared to the other product.

Even if Nasaka’s water purifier may seem like the cheap one in design but they are good enough to impress with the functionality that’s why this brand is competing very well.

The price isn’t cheap at all because you can expect great design with normal functionality from other product but there is nothing like that then why people prefer Nasaka?

Well, this brand is powered by Okaya and Microtek. Both are the leading manufacturers of electrical appliances that’s why you can find many amazing facts about their products.

To understand the reason, you can check most of their popular units with the features to grab more details about them.

Qualities of Nakasa Water Purifiers

There is a total of three qualities of water purifiers which are offered by Nasaka. The main qualities are as follow –

  • Easy to use functionality with the physical tap to get drinking water whenever you want. There is nothing like touch capacitive buttons at all.
  • You can find better water flow and a large water tank to store purified water. They also offer immunity boosting among products.
  • The effective cleaning of water is the last major reason because it uses three-stage water purification technology to provide clean drinking water.

These are some of the reasons to make you understand why this brand is better as compared to the other leading manufacturers.

Primary Features to Learn about Nasaka

You can find plenty of reliable features but some of the major features which are offered in most of the Nasaka products are as follow -

  • RO+UF+ORPH Water Purifier provide effective cleaning of water in most of the cases.
  • Easy to use features help everyone get clean drinking water without any efforts.
  • Smart indicator for the cartridge and the maintenance required is very low.
  • MTDS help to get clean water with better taste. It also reduces odor from water.
  • Large storage tank keeps clean drinking water which is ready to serve.
  • Five years of warranty on the purchase and you can get the same services also.

With these features, you can expect great quality and service about the Nasaka products. This will definitely help you for sure.

Customer Support

Nasaka offers great customer support in electronic replacement and getting the water purifier fixed on time.

The response time is very low and you can expect genuine replacements on time to time. Experts will come to check your water purifier after every third month.

In addition to all the factors, you can extend the warranty of service from one year to five by getting the new plan.

The extended service has some terms of conditions that's why you should check them out before getting a water purifier from Nasaka.

The reviews about the quality of their product are positive that’s why you can prefer this brand over the other ones for sure.

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