Aquasure Amrit Kitanu Magnet Cartridge Review

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According to the UN, the recent rise in industrial pollution has indeed resulted in natural habitats drying up fast with more water bodies being exposed to various pollutants including various heavy metals such  as mercury, lead, Cadmium, Nickel and others which have stated to impact the water table. In other words,  any water that the local municipality supplies to your home, comes loaded with the ubiquitous Chlorine, chlorine by products, as well as various germs, bacteria, pathogens which can cause you to experience severe diarrhea, such as  Cryptosporidium among others. So, you already have a water filter but you feel that it is quite basic and outdated as well. That’s why you may want to consider the Aquasure Amrit Kitanu Magnet Cartridge.

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Aquasure Amrit Kitanu Magnet Cartridge Review


You can use this cartridge with any aqua guard storage tank with ease and it does a remarkable job of removing various contaminants as well as germs, microbes and various pathogens from the water. And nope, you do not have to opt for another new filter but just use this to boost the filtration process of your current one, as long as it happens to be Aqua sure. Just check out some of the main features of this magnet cartridge,

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Main features of Aquasure Amrit Kitanu Magnet Cartridge

  • Purification process: The product comes in the form of two kitanu magnet cartridges and it is designed for any Aqua guard storage tank. Primarily, it uses the magnets to remove the various impurities from your water including all the germs and various pathogens. The end result is that you end up with clean drinking water that’s 100% safe and free of various contaminants and microbes, germs etc. Each cartridge comes with a capacity to purify 750 liters of water, so both the cartridges taken together, can help purify nearly 1500 liters of water.
  • No power: It does not require any electricity or power to operate which ensures that this water filter would work seamlessly even during a power outage. Furthermore, it also comes with auto shut off option so that it limits any water wastage and that should help it to optimize its performance as well.
  • Long shelf life: And while the product has been designed specialty for use with aqua guard water purifiers, it has also been designed with a long shelf life of 5 years. Essentially, that means that you can now buy multiple cartridges in advance and use them, as an when needed.

These are some of the main features of this magnet cartridge, and it can certainly help boost the filtration process your current aqua sure water filter may be providing. Moreover, it is time that you took a closer look at some of the pros and cons of this product.

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  • It comes with 20 liter storage tank,
  • It removes all the germs and bacteria from the water effortlessly
  • It is effective and easy to install, so much so that you can start using it right away


  • It is primarily designed to work with Aqya sure water filters and you cannot use this with others


The Aquasure Amrit Kitanu Magnet Cartridge certainly manages to stand out for all the right reasons, apart from its all in white look. It comes with a detailed manual which provides you with all the information you need on installation. Moreover, you can start using it right away but what makes this cartridge stand out, apart from its efficacy is the fact that it does not use any power to operate. Essentially, even in times of power outage, you should still be able to get your water purified without a hitch.

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Aquasure Amrit Kitanu Magnet Cartridge Review

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