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Key Traits About Kent Water Purifiers with their Working Technology

Kent has been successfully selling a number of water purifiers in India from the past decade. The reason behind sale was the features, design and effective commercials.

These days, its stats represent the alarmingly increase in sales but the brand awareness is not that much due to the increase in competition.

If you think that buying Kent water purifier is a bad choice then you may be wrong and we have some valid reasons for that.

Kent still uses the five-stage water purification which is slightly better than Havells, Pureit and other manufacturers.

The effective rate of water purification is 99.99% which help you get the gratification of clean water every single time.

Five Reasons That Prove Kent As the Leading Company

Kent is not a new brand which helps them produce quality products. In addition to this, the major reasons are –

  1. The use of five-stage water purification technology provides contaminant-free water in every go.
  2. Great after sale services can be expected due to their presence in this sector for a long time.
  3. Three years of warranty and long-term durability is the key factor to buy Kent’s water purifier.
  4. The design may be simple but durable and it will easily mix-up with décor for sure.
  5. The smart indicator helps you change refills on time which can help you rely on these products.

This is our view about Kent based on their reputation and you can find their great services all over India. But, if you don't know what the real advantages are then let's have a look at their key features.

Some Of the Great Features of Kent

Being the top seller and the old manufacturer of water purifier help them offer premium and necessary features which are as follow –

  • Smart water is cleaning with five-stage water purification technology.
  • MTDS to adjust the taste of water and it can maintain pH level also.
  • Durable design keeps the product working for decades.
  • Small display to provide all the basic details about the product and cartridge.
  • Uses UF, RO and UV technology to remove contaminants from water.
  • One-year warranty on product and free service for one year also.

These are the main reasons that can easily make you prefer Kent over other brands. For a newbie, these factors can help to get the right product. You can buy Kent’s water purifier online as well as from a local store as per your convenience.

Kent Customer Support

As the Company and their customer care were established a couple of years ago, you can expect quality services on all the purchases.

Experts will fix the issues easily and the replacements are easily available in the market as well as online which will help you use the same water purifier for the longer time period.

Even, Kent gives you the free service for one year but keep in mind that you have to pay money for the replacement parts. The labor cost isn’t charged for the first year of purchase.

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