Dr. Aquaguard Geneus Plus Water Purifier Review

Rs. 25,499 Rs. 25,900
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Dr. Aquaguard Geneus Plus Water Purifier Review
Dr. Aquaguard Geneus Plus Water Purifier Review
Rs. 25,499 Rs. 25,900

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What’s the first thing that you expect in your water filter? That, it is able to filter out all the cross contaminants from the water along with various pathogens, germs, heavy metals etc. Granted that choosing one water filter from so many choices out there, sounds a tad overwhelming. But in all seriousness, you need to take a closer look at Dr. Aquaguard Geneus Plus for it comes with all the functionality that you need and more.

Dr. Aquaguard Geneus Plus Water Purifier Review

It comes with an interesting design, along with an LED display unit which shows you the current stage of filtration process and comes with various notifications and displays as well. But one of the reasons that this aquaguard water filter stands out has more to do with its unique and patented filtration process which is quite comprehensive. Just check out some of the main features of this water fitler,

Main features of Dr. Aquaguard Geneus Plus

  • Purification process: This best water purifier from Aqua Guard is one of the most advanced ones that’s currently available. It certainly comes with a unique filtration process; it utilizes three stage reverse osmosis (RO) process along with UV and UF to provide you with premium drinking water, that’s 100% free of all cross contaminants, volatile chemicals, heavy metals, germs and various pathogens. The filtration process includes several stages, including e-boiling which is quite effective in removing the various germs and microbes from your water.
  • G technology: This water filter also features G-technology, a unique sensor that analyzes your water and uses the optimal purification process for the same (RO+UV/UV+UF). This enables you to optimize your filtration so that the water is rendered 100% safe, in the least amount of time. Currently, this water filter comes with a filtration capacity of 15 liters per hour.
  • Mineral modulator: This water filter also comes with mineral modulator, one that ensures that your water retains its essential minerals and nutrients. It also helps to boost the taste of your water as well. It should be pointed out that this particular water filter comes with free installation as well as one year warranty as well.

These are some of the main features of this water filter; it comes with advanced LED display along with various alerts and notifications that lets you know when the filtration is in process or when it is complete. What makes this filter stand out is that the LED display unit should also let you know if there is any fault with the water filter, after which you can contact customer service for support. Now, you may want to check out the various pros and cons of this product,


  • Advanced LED display
  • Works with all water sources, with varying TDS levels that range from 1-2000
  • It comes with mineral guard cartridge, nutrition cartridge, biotron cartridge and more


  • It comes with a limited storage capacity of only 6 liters
  • It is also a little expensive

Model Name Geneus+
Storage tank capacity 6 litres
Purifying Technology RO+UV+UF
Purification Modules HD RO Membrane, Hybrid Carbon Chemi Block Cartridge, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Mineral Guard, Nutritron Cartridge, Biotron Cartridge,
Water Flow Rate 15 Litres / hour
Applicable TDS Range 1 – 2000 mg / litre
Input Water Pressure 2.0 kg/sq.cm(Max) 0.6 kg/sq.cm(Min)
Input Water Temperature 10 – 40°C
Input Water Chlorine (MAX) 0.2 mg/litre
Input Water Iron 0.3 mg/litre
Input Water Turbidity (MAX) 20 NTU
Membrane Type Thin Film Composite RO
RO Membrane 75 GPD
Life of UV Lamp 5000 burning hours
Operating Input Voltage 230V AC / 50 Hz
UV Lamp 11 Watts
Water Recovery 25% approx in RO Mode
Booster Pump Voltage 24V DC
Power Consumption 45 Watts
Dimension in CM (LXWXH) 36.7 x 31.4 x 56.7
Weight 11.80 kgs
Installation Type Wall Mount / Table Top


All things considered, the Dr. Aquaguard Geneus Plus water purifier may be just what your family needed – a highly effective water filter that comes with all the advanced functionality you need in one. It certainly packs in quite a lot of features and even comes with a taste enhancer that serves to further boost the taste of your water.  It also comes with free installation as well as one year warranty, and apart from that, you can ask them to provide your water filter with the required maintenance support as well. Overall, this water filter scores quite high for various metrics from functionality to design and it definitely one that you would want to seriously consider for your residence.

9.1 Total Score
Dr. Aquaguard Geneus Plus Review

ease of use
  • 15 Litre/hour Purification Capacity
  • Wall Mount / Table Top
  • Universal Water Purifier
  • Led display
  • Auto Mineral Modulator, lets you set the taste of water
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