Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF 6 L Water Purifier Review

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Tata Swach
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Tata Swatch is the most popular water purifier sub-company of Tata group known for brand credibility, after-sale services and value for money products. Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF 6 L Water Purifier is a new product in the same coming in the mid-range segment with two-stage water purification technology to remove debris and other contaminants.

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Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF 6 L Water Purifier Review


Even though there are many popular brands like Kent Grand, Eureka Forbes, and Livpure then why to prefer Tata Swatch? Well, the reason is reasonable pricing for the same features and services. The first-time buyers of electric water purifiers can find that TATA swatch is an Indian brand and they provide better after sale services as compared to others.

In addition to all these factors, the purifier can enhance the bad taste of water and killing micro-germs. The filter cartridges can trap macro particles including debris to give you perfectly cleaned water. As per experts, this purifier can kill 99.99% contaminants in a couple seconds. Let’s learn about the top features to know why this is good to go choice.

Some Major Features to Have a Look

With Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF 6 L Water Purifier, you can expect a range of features to enhance the experience to sipping clean water every single time. The primary features to buy this product is –

  • Two-Stage Purification Technology – There is Ultra-Filtration membrane to trap all the impurities of water, even the micro-organisms also whereas the UV water purification will kill all other bacteria, germs and contaminants. Dual-purification provides totally clean and pure water every single time. The UF membrane is almost like the RO membrane.
  • Storage Tank – To get a higher water flow rate, the storage tank comes in handy. It has the capacity of 6 liters and it will keep water in the tank to serve water quickly. Even, this thing eases up the work and you can rely on it with ease.
  • Remove Odor –As per the survey, most of the water habitats in India aren’t clean which can cause unpleasant odor from water. This water purifier eradicates odor of water and it can make the water taste good.

All these features in a starting price point are not so common that’s why it’s a great deal at the offered price point. You can buy it online as well as offline as per your convenience and availability. The cartridge of water purifier can last for a longer time due to higher capacity. It saves your money on the installation of new ones.

Pros –

  • UV and UF purification at a starting price point make it a great deal.
  • Easy to use with the help of tap to get water and a higher flow rate.
  • Six-liter storage tank enhances the convenience regarding usability.
  • Tank-full indicator to know the exact level of water.
  • Backed by one year of warranty from the manufacturer.

Cons –

  • Simple design but made up of poor-quality plastic (Doesn’t feel genuine in quality.
  • Free installation is available in selected cities of India.

Model Name Viva Silver UV + UF
Total Capacity 6 L
Purifying Technology UV +UF
Purification Capacity Up to 30 L/hr
Filter Type Sediment Cartridge 10 Micron, GAC Silver
Body Material ABS
Electrical Type Electrical and Storage
UF Membrane 0.01 Micron UF Membrane
Inlet Water Pressure Minimum – 5 psi, Maximum – 35 psi
Power Consumption 22 W
UV Lamp 11 W
Type Wall Mounted
Width 24 cm
Height 44 cm
Depth 2.9 cm
Weight 6.5 kg

The Final Verdict

After considering all the factors, it is sure that Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF 6 L Water Purifier is a good deal for those, who want all the features at a lower price point. The overall opinion about the product is heartwarming except the built quality. As it is a product which will be fixed forever, so you won’t have to worry about the built quality of it. Even if you face any issue, the manufacturing is ready to repair with the one year of warranty. Hope, these factors will help you take an informed decision during the purchase.

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