Aquaguard Water Purifiers with Their Complete Details

Aquaguard is the series of water purifier from Eureka Forbes which is a multinational purifier manufacturer around the globe.

Recently, Aquaguard started getting huge popularity in India due to the affordable pricing and the rest of the features.

The three-stage water purification which includes RO, UF, and UV. The most popular series is electric one and it provides a bunch of necessary features to enhance the usability.

“Whether it’s Aquaguard or Aquasure, you can expect reasonable pricing from Eureka Forbes that’s why this brand is touching the sky”

In order to buy the best quality product, you should check features, water purification technology and reviews in every single product. These factors can help you grab the best deal.

Why is Aquaguard a Reliable Brand to opt For?

Several reasons enhance the reliability factor of Aquaguard and the first reason is water purification technology. Firstly, you get twin advance technology to clean water.

All the mid-range water purifier comes with the basic features such as Power on Indication, automatic flush indication and the last one is tank full indication.

The smart indicators of cartridge life tell the exact status and give a pre-warning to get it replaced on time to avoid any kind of issue in the future.

As the purifier’s filter cartridge reaches 100% of life then it automatically stops working so you opt for a replacement instead of using the same cartridge for the longer time period.

The additional features of water purifiers help to remove metal particles including germs, and bacteria also. This will help you drink clean water every single time and you can rely on it.

Unique Key Features of Aquaguard

You can expect plenty of features with this water purifier series but the major features which are common among most of the products are as follow –

  • Electronic display to indicate water level, cartridge life and other things.
  • Three years of warranty on RO and UF membrane.
  • Three-stage purification with UF, UV and RO.
  • Enhances water taste using MTDS feature in the machine.
  • Displays all the basic detail on the main screen to track everything easily.
  • The device is easy to use and the installation takes a small period.
  • Comes with a small tray to keep water glass and other stuff.

Aquaguard’s Customer Care and Their Services

As Aquaguard is sub-brand of Eureka Forbes, so you won't have to worry about a single thing. You can easily find customer care in your town.

However, if you want to know about their services then this is the right place. Aquaguard offers a professional approach and if you don't want an expert to visit you then you can visit their customer care centre.

All the customers are happy with their purchases and they love the overall performance. The option to get water at a higher flow rate helps a lot.

In the first three months of purchase, the company’s representative will visit you for the regular maintenance and this will continue for complete one year.

customer care toll-free number: 1860 266 1177 (Service) or 080-46636363 (Sales).


Tool Free No. : 1860 200 3434

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