UV Water Purifiers

Water, especially clean drinking water is one that is critical not just to your well being, or that of your family, but the society as a whole. Local municipalities do their best to treat the water they store, with Chlorine before piping it into your homes. That’s why when you open the tap; you generally get the iffy fumes of chlorinated water. But what you may not know is that water in question comes loaded with various germs, amoebae, cysts, and various pathogens. Of course, chances are that you would want to boil the same, bur various studies have pointed out the fact that some of these cysts and pathogens often survive boiling, and remain quite alive. This is exactly the reason why you would want to check out some of the latest UV water purifiers, for your residence.

UV water purifiers

A UV water purifier is primarily a water filter that makes use of ultra violet radiation to kill and eliminate all the bacteria, viruses, cysts, and various pathogens contained in the water. Given the current condition of drinking water pan India, such water filters are essential than merely necessary.

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These are some of the popular water purifiers that’s available in the market today, do check them out,

What is the UV filtration process and how it works?

When it comes to dealing with organic and biological elements in the water, a UV based water purifier is often one of the most effective.  These water filters often come with fluorescent UV light that emits a continuous radiation of 254 nanometers. This UV lamp is usually a mercury vapor lamp but the end reslt is an effective termination of all the microorganisms contained in the water, thereby rendering it safe to drink again. One of the ways these microorganisms are killed is on account of their DNA being altered, after exposure to the UV light. In this manner, the UV light contained in the water purifier kills nearly 99.99% of all germs and microorganisms.

Advantages of UV water purifier

  • The UV based water purifier is quite effective in the sense that it is able to kill all the microorganisms contained in the water and renders the water, safe to drink again.
  • It also comes with an affordable price tag along with all the functionary that you need in one
  • It is remarkably fast and can process the water instantaneously.
  • UV water filters are highly recommended especially if you happen to reside in an area that ahs seen several health outbreaks in the last few weeks
  • Most of the UV based water purifiers come with an elegant deign.

Overall, an UV based water purifier is a must since it enables you to protect your whole family by destroying all the germs contained in the water You would definitely want to take a closer look at these filters.

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