Gravity Based Water Purifiers

Granted that you may find it hard to even select one right water filter from the lot but the truth is that, almost all the water filters out there are good as far as their core functionality goes, eliminating impurities. It is important that you choose a water filter that is able to do a good job of filtering out all the contaminants and rendering the water, 100% safe to drink. Well, Gravity based water filters do a good job of the same.

Most people are often under the notion that they require a RO based water purifier and that’s enough to meet their needs and current requirements. But what most of them often fail to consider the price tag such filters come with and more often than not, RO based water purifiers require electricity to operate. It makes more sense to go for gravity based water purifiers as they come with a lower price tag and provide you with the same functionality that you can expect in a RO based water purifier.

How does gravity based water filtration work?

Well, it predominantly uses gravity and as you pour water into the top chamber, the water processes through the water filter to the lowest layer of the water filter, after it passes through several filters of activated carbon. These activated carbon molecules help remove all impurities from the water and what is more, they do not require any electricity either, to operate. So, you would be able to save up on power as well which is a good thing.

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Here are some of the popular gravity based water filters, feel free to check them out.

The process:

All gravity based water purifiers basically come with three filters, and they are listed below,

  • Microfiber mesh or pre-filter: This is generally found in the top most compartments and primarily consists of microfibers which help to remove all the sand, various organic molecules, as well as bacteria, from the water.
  • Activated carbon filter: This particular filter is quite effective in removing all the minuscule contaminants including chemicals as well as various cross contaminants. It helps to render the water safe to drink and also removes any odor that it may contain
  • Polisher or post carbon filter: this primarily consists of re-filtering the already filtered process, through carbon again and the end result is water that is safe to drink. All you have to do is to pour water into the top chamber to begin the process.

Conditions where you may want to use these gravity based water filters

  • These water filters are perfect for use with municipal or locally piped water, as long as it does not contain heavy metals
  • These water filters are perfect with most waters as long as the TDS levels do not exceed 500 PPM.

Overall, this is a great water filter and a perfect one for those who are budget conscious. You may want to check out the various gravity based water filters and choose the right one for your home.

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