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It should be pointed out that the level of clean drinking water, not just in India, but across the world has steadily worsened over the last few decades. This is mainly due to global pollution and in particular industrial pollution. In India, the effects of the same are more profound, with natural glaciers like gangotri shrinking and causing less melt off to flow into Ganga. Most of the water bodies have already been polluted to the point that any water that comes piped to your home from the local municipality, comes loaded with excess of Chlorine, chlorine by products, leached chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, germs, viruses, cysts,. Etc.

This is exactly why you would want to go for a RO based water purifier at the earliest. RO water purifiers almost seem home made for Indian conditions but more on that later on. Always remember that boiling your water on the stove does not remove heavy metals or soluble chemicals from the water and it has already been proven that several germs are known to survive the boiling process. Let’s take a closer look at RO process and how it works,

RO or reverse osmosis:

The process was first developed by Dean Spanz, where the process involves the usage of semi-permeable membrane to remove small molecules, ions, salts and larger impurities from your water. It is quite effective in removing the entire cross contaminants including the various cysts, germs, bacteria among others from your water.

The process, in a nutshell

The RO based water filter primarily creates an artificial pressure which then pushes the water through the semi-permeable membrane. The membrane itself comes with extremely tiny holes which are designed to allow only water molecules. As a result, all the other contaminants, including impurities, heavy metals, bacteria, germs are effectively filtered out. The whole process only takes a little while and soon you should be able to enjoy safe, drinking water without having to worry as to what else it may contain.

It should also be pointed out that RO process is often used by desalination plants, to remove the salt ions from the water. It is also used by various organizations to recycle and treat waste water effectively. Check out some of the popular RO based water filters.

Popular RO based water filters

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These are some of the top ranked ones, do check them out

Advantages to using an RO water purifier

  • You can use the RO based water purifier with any water source, with the TDS ranging between 1-2000 PPM.
  • You can set it up with ease and moreover, use the same to convert your hard water to soft water effortlessly
  • It is quite effective in cleaning out E coliform, and other pathogens out of the water

Overall, RO based water purifiers provide you with some of the best comprehensive filtration process. They come with all the functionality that you need and stand out for the right reasons. So you may want to check out the various RO based water purifiers and pick out the right one for your residence.

Check out some top RO water purifiers from leading brands in India like AquaguardHUL, and AO Smith.

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