RO+UF Water Purifiers

When it comes to water, it is imperative and the duty of every local and federal government  at the center to be able to provide its citizens with clean drinking water. Well, the problem is manifold starting with the fact that most of India relies heavily on Monsoon and moreover, most of the natural bodies are polluted to an extent or the other. This allows the government few resources to tap, which is why they dam up large rivers and even tap ground water so as to meet the current drinking needs of the population. This water then undergoes treatment before it is piped to your homes, but it may surprise you to know that it still comes loaded with various contaminants. One of the main causes for outbreaks of diarrhea, hepatitis, cholera happens to be unsafe drinking water.

Why should you opt for RO+UF water filters?

For starters, the first thing that you probably did with tap water was to boil it on the stove. But did you know that boiling did not really help remove all the heavy metal contaminants nor did it kill all the bacteria, pathogens contained in the water. And that is why you need to opt for an RO+UF water filter at the earliest. These water filters primarily use various water filters including reverse osmosis (RO) membrane to filter out the various silt, residue, germs, pathogens, heavy metals and helps to purify the water. It also comes with UF or ultra filtration, which ensures that your purified water is filtered again through small micro fibers, which also helps  to eliminate various pathogens and helps to improve the taste of the water, as a whole. Check out some of the top ranked RO+UF water filters in the market today.

Top ranking RO+UF water filters

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Here are a few water RO+UF water filters that have been popular for the right reasons,

  • Livpure Glo Lite RO+UF Water Purifier
  • Blue Star Aristo RO + UF Water Purifier
  • Livpure Pep Pro 7 L RO + UF Water Purifier
  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure from
  • Kent Pride 8 L RO+UF Water Purifier
  • Kent Wonder 7 L RO + UF Water Purifier

Top reasons as to why you need to us e a RO+UF water purifier

  • This type of water purifier is often recommended if you have high TDS levels in your water, such as bore water, etc.
  • When you get your regular supply in water tankers, local streams and water bodies, etc.
  • If your water comes with a high degree of pathogens, bacteria, germs etc
  • If your water comes with a large proportion of dissolved salts, chemicals, heavy metals, etc.

How does it work?

The RO+UF water filter basically uses reverse osmosis membrane, to filter out the various impurities from the water. The RO filter consists of a semi-permeable membrane which in turn filters out various impurities and provides you with fresh, clean drinking water. Furthermore, it also comes with active carbon which should help prevent chlorine and other chemicals from damaging the membrane. Once it passes through the same, it then undergoes ultra filtration, after which you should be able to access clean, drinking water, that’s 100% safe.

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