Which one to choose TDS Controller/Modulator or Mineralizer?

One of the drawbacks of an RO Membrane is that it is unable to distinguish between the good particles and the impurities present in the water. RO also eliminates the vital and necessary minerals such as magnesium and calcium from the drinking water.

So, it becomes important to re-mineralize this water by adding back all the essential minerals that have got removed at the time of RO purification. One of the ways to accomplish it is by using a TDS Controller / TDS Modulator, or a Mineralizer.  In this article, we will understand the use and differences of both the differences to find out which will be the right choice for your use.

About TDS Controller

A TDS Controller device works differently than the cartridges, membranes, and filters of any water purifier. Its main function is to control the level of TDS present in the water.

TDS Controller doesn’t purify or filter the water. It is a manual device that comprises of two water inputs. One is the water output and the other one is a screw for controlling TDS. TDS Controller is a small and a very inexpensive device that you can get it in just Rs. 50 only.

About Mineralizer

Mineralizer is also called as a mineral cartridge. The basic purpose of this device is to add back vital minerals in the water that have got removed by the RO purifier during the filtration process.

A mineralizer helps in maintaining the right concentration of these minerals and also assist in maintaining adequate pH of water. This device is also found to be useful in maintaining the right balance of acid and alkaline in the water.

A mineralizer comprises of various types of particles. When water flows through one end of the device to another end, several important minerals get added to it. In addition to it, the acidic property of water gets reduced and its pH value gets maintained.

Working of a mineralizer

Mineralizer is a new concept in water filtration technology. Let us see how the mineralizer technology works.  This device works on the electrolysis and ionization principle. The process of mineralization includes passing of varying levels of low voltage current in the “ionization chamber”. This enables the process of electrolysis to occur in the water purifier.

During this process, positively charged silver and copper ions get released from the system. These ions show anti-toxic characteristics. Silver ions have the ability to remove toxic bacteria and copper works by eliminating the presence of any algae in the water.

When both of these (+) charged ions get released from the purification unit, their action makes the water completely free from any of the above impurities. The good thing about the mineralizer method is that it is devoid of side effects that are caused by the use of chlorine for water purification.

The water that comes out after mineralizer has a fresh smell and palatable taste.Besides the removal of toxicity, mineralizer also ensures the addition of vital minerals that were lost at the time of RO purification. With mineralizer, you can selectively infuse minerals into the water that have got eliminated by the RO purifier. This makes it healthy and nourishing for your body.

The above benefit can’t be obtained when you use TDS modulator or TDS controller. On using TDS controller, you mix filtered water obtained from the RO purification unit that has the lowest concentration of TDS with your normal TDS water.

Other important differences between TDS Controller and Mineralizer

TDS Controller:100% quantity of the water isn’t passed via the RO Membrane.

Mineralizer: In this case, 100% of your input water gets filtered by the RO Membrane.

TDS Controller:It is not suitable for water that contains damaging heavy metals such as lead, and arsenic.

Mineralizer: As 100% of water flows through the RO purification unit, all heavy metals get completely and easily removed from the water.

TDS Controller:In this case, the level of TDS infiltered water gets enhanced or reduced.

Mineralizer: Here you don’t have any other option to regulate the levels of TDS of purified water.

TDS Controller:This device is very small in size and also very affordable.

Mineralizer: The size of this unit is equivalent to the size of a regular cartridge and filter used in the reverse osmosis purification system. You can get it at a price of more than Rs. 500.

So, which is better TDS Controller or Mineralizer?

Both Mineralizer, as well as TDS Controller, have their own importance in the water purification procedure. They provide good performance and excellent benefits when used in an appropriate way. If the supply of water has got industrial impurities such as arsenic and lead in it, then buying a reverse osmosis purifier system with a TDS Modulator is not a wise decision.

On the other hand, RO purifiers that come with an inbuilt Mineralizer feature is suitable for purification of water that is infected from arsenic and lead. These purifiers fail to provide an option to regulate the levels of TDS as per your needs.

So, if given a choice between a TDS Controller and a Mineralizer, the selection would need consideration of the factors such as the presence of manufacturing impurities and preference of the user. However, based on our study on the features and pros and cons of both the devices, we feel that RO water purifiers that come with mineralizer feature are more suitable and a beneficial investment than the ones that come with TDS Controller feature.

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